Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Sail a Road of Blood and Slaughter

I've played 40k on and off for over 10 years. I'm looking to get competitive again. Originally I played Grand Tournies in the UK where 1500 points is standard. I have had to get used to the fact that in America everything is bigger. I mean everything. Even in a hobby where one vehicle can cost up to 60 dollars, people seem to be obsessed with bigger and bigger games. I find them unwieldy, but at least the tournament standard in the US seems to be only slightly larger in scale: 1850 points.

This blog is intended to chronicle my thoughts on the hobby, strategy, units, and tournament action as I get going again.

I wanted a finesse army. I wanted an army less forgiving than Space Marine 3+ armor saves. I wanted a challenge getting back into it. I chose Eldar.

I also wanted to have a specific theme in mind according to fluff that made sense with the army list I am using. I am not role-playing on the table here, but I want cohesiveness and a cool factor that isn't apparent in playing the same old army. Then I saw this awesome text box in the newest Eldar Codex. Eldar obsessed with the destruction of Slaanesh and the birth of the Eldar God of Death.

There's just one catch: that's only going to happen after all the Eldar are dead and in the infinity circuit. I was hooked. How do you make this work though? Couldn't they just commit suicide? Yea, but they couldn't get the rest of the Eldar to do it could they?

That thought led me to the conclusion that just as Ulthwe uses their unparalleled psychic foresight to help the rise of the Eldar race out of the ashes of the fall 10,000 years before, these Eldar would use their resources to cause conflict between the young races and the rest of the Eldar content to lick their woulds on craftworlds. They would actually want to stay alive as long as possible to make sure the rest of their kind sees honorable death in combat.

Noble death. A race given in its entirety to right a wrong. This is the vision of the Cult of Ynnead. They see opportunity where other Eldar see strife and conflict. They strike much the same as Ulthwe does. Lightning mechanized strikes out of the Webway to spur conflict -- or end it.

Thus, Ynnead Rises.

Life is never convenient. Getting back into Warhammer 40k has been more difficult than originally intended. I'm a slow painter and I have a real dislike of playing with unpainted/primed miniatures. I've realized that my time is worth money. However, the Man Behind the Mask at Phantom Project miniatures has made it easier on me.

So far I've commissioned the Phantom Project to paint 4 tanks for my 1850pt 40k army, the last two Fire Prisms and two Vypers are currently being painted. I couldn't be happier. Every step of the way he's worked with my budget to make sure I'm getting exactly what I want and produced a stellar product. My fear of commission work was that you either pay too much or you don't get what you want in the blur of mass production. This has been nothing like that.

Please follow this blog for the completion of the army, battle reports, my thoughts on the current metagame and other armies beyond Eldar, and of course -- My tournament experiences.


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